Hunakea Tooth Salt

So why did we call our tooth salt hunakea? It has a fresh sea salt and mint aroma and is white in colour. It can trace its roots back to recipes handed down from past cultures. Ancient recipes are always associated with a hint of mysticism and secrets, so our hunakea tooth salt is a small white secret. The Hawaiian language has some wonderful words for this: huna means ‘secret’, among other things, and kea can mean ‘white’. The logo is inspired by old Hawaiian tattoo symbols and stands for kea in a mystical context.

Once a hunakea user, always a hunakea user! You may find that you soon have no desire to touch your toothpaste tube ever again. It may be quicker to grab a tube and easier to spread the paste onto the brush, but the fresh taste of hunakea and the smooth feel of your teeth are irreplaceable. For us, quality and cleanliness come before speed and convenience. Take time. Pamper yourself. Feel and enjoy the harmony of appearance, smell, taste and texture. Indulge all your senses. Take the time to freshen up. Carry on tasting the freshness as you go about your day feeling clean and protected. Your teeth, tongue, mouth, breath, and even your soul will thank you.
This is what hunakea stands for. Why not try it for yourself?