The first toothpaste was manufactured in the USA in 1850. Before that, people all over the world cleaned their teeth with salts and powders in a wide range of combinations, textures and colours. Many continue to use them to this day. Archaeological finds and written sources provide evidence that tooth salt has been used for well over 3,000 years. Our hunakea tooth salt has been developed on the basis of natural dental care methods that have been handed down over the centuries. The aim was to develop a product that cares for and protects the teeth, supports oral flora and also tastes good. After two years, we succeeded in developing a balanced mix of natural mineral and plant substances. New technical processes enable us to achieve an extremely pure and finely textured product.

Today, this mixture is micronised in a special process, reducing it to a fine powder – a product that is gentle on the teeth and suitable for daily use. It contains xylitol, which has been shown in a large number of studies* to inhibit and even reverse tooth decay.


* The Turku studies conducted in Finland found evidence of a significant reduction in caries when xylitol was used (see e.g.